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Meal Plan

Montessori Kids Universe Katy offers catered meals from “The Simply Fresh Kitchen” a company specialized in school lunch catering using only the freshest and most wholesome ingredients with the aim of teaching the children good eating habits young and the good habit will last a lifetime. All meals are prepared from scratch, no can opener in their kitchen. Using the finest ingredients and focusing on using local & organic products where possible.

Each of your child’s meals are well thought out and carefully crafted to insure they are well balanced and nutritious. Of course, they are made appealing to young appetites too.

Every day the hot meals are complete with proteins, vegetables and fruit. Alternative meals are available each day. Sandwiches and salads will always be an option in case our hot entrée is not to the specific liking of any individual. Children will receive lunch and two snacks daily.

Even though MKU Meal Plan is voluntary and you can choose to prepare meals and snacks for your child, however we highly recommend participating in the school’s meal plan for the following reason:

The school is ordering hot lunches in-house. Lunchtime is also a social time gathered around the table in which we practice grace and courtesy. Teachers will start working on a routine where students can help prepare, serve and care for the environment after the meals. Lunch time at Montessori Kids Universe, Katy is a time for socializing, etiquette and is served individually but consumed in a social environment. The Simply Fresh Kitchen is experienced in preparing and presenting foods in such a way that they are appealing to your children. We invite you to visit their website Children are also more likely to try foods that they have assisted in preparing and are encouraged when their peers are readily enjoying it. If you ever have any menu suggestions, we would love to hear them!

School Menu February 2018