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Montessori Math and Why Children Love it

It is true, children can love math. However, there are a few reasons why a child may dislike it. A boring math class where repetition is key tends to not be appealing. Tedious math textbooks can put a strain on young minds with questionable results. Worst of all? Busy work. Work sheets, worksheets, and more worksheets can make a child feel burnt out and eager to be done with their “lesson.” Let’s take a look at the reasons why Montessori children love math!


Starting Young

One of the best ways to instill the love of math in a child is to get started early. Montessori students begin basic math activities in preschool. This way, children can become familiarized with simple math techniques and not be intimidated by them later. Many preschool math activities have the look and feel of a game. When work is disguised as play, children are bound to love it and come back for more.

Enticing and Entertaining Math Materials

What exactly makes Montessori math materials so different from traditional activities? The main distinction between the two is that Montessori materials are hands-on and tangible. They are beautifully simple, taking complex mathematic concepts and turning them into easy-to-understand fragments of information. Children are given the tools to put the pieces together in their minds, forming a deep and long-lasting understanding of math.

Opportunity to Self-Correct

Traditional students fill out mundane worksheets and wait anxiously for the teacher to give their work a verdict. Montessori children are given access to learning materials that allow them to learn on their own and correct their own mistakes. This is a wonderful and highly effective concept that is unique to the Montessori learning environment. Students learning math the Montessori way can hold materials in their hands and easily spot mistakes in their work. Different color cubes and rods teach number values and patterns and beads can be used to learn simple addition and subtraction.

Montessori math lessons allow children to set their own pace and learn in a way that is enjoyable to them. That really is the secret! They are given the ability to choose how and when they will learn. The Montessori math materials are the tools they use to accomplish their mathematical goals.

August 23rd, 2017

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