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How a Montessori Education Breeds Social Butterflies

Being able to effectively listen and communicate is one of the most valuable skills any child – or person – can have. Social learning is one of the most effective methods of learning possible, and one that children often don’t get to take advantage of in standard classrooms. These classrooms usually discourage free conversation between children, instead relying on them to listen and comprehend the curriculum to learn. Unfortunately, this limits the potential for both intellectual and social connections to be formed, taking away from the overall development of the child during a crucial developmental stage of their lives.


Montessori classrooms understand the importance of social skills and social learning. Rather than discouraging communication, these classrooms use it as a cornerstone of their philosophy. Their emphasis on social interaction can be seen both in the classroom design itself as well as their approach to education.

The Classroom

A Montessori classroom’s setup is different from your standard classroom. Where you may often see rows of desks and a whiteboard, you will likely see a collection of group desks and a reading mat. These group desks are where children can sit and talk with each other, work with hands-on materials, and enjoy each other’s company. This is made even easier due to Montessori classrooms being stocked with a wide variety of learning materials certain to interest your child. Additionally, reading mats and other group areas offer places where kids can just be kids, relax, and make new friends.

The Philosophy

Montessori classrooms are based on the Montessori Method to education, which emphasizes hands-on and social learning as great ways for children to build greater connections to the materials they are being taught. When listening to a lesson, children can easily zone out, get bored, or flat out forget the information. This is because only one of their senses – their hearing – is being engaged.

When the students are encouraged to use their hands to learn, they are engaging sight, touch, and more which allows for them to better comprehend the materials. They can also communicate with their classmates, hearing and talking about the topics for further reinforcement.

Many parents fear that their child will struggle socially, but with early exposure they can develop into well-rounded social butterflies thanks to social learning. They will make more friends, be more interested in learning, and retain more information in a Montessori classroom.

February 20th, 2018

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