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Building Self Esteem the Montessori Way

Self Esteem Sign

Self esteem is not an innate skill that each child is born with. Confidence and self respect are characteristics that need to be nurtured and encouraged in a Montessori environment. Feeling good about oneself is one of the key ingredients to a healthy and productive life. Those with lower self esteem tend to miss out on more opportunities and be generally more unhappy than those with a healthy level of confidence.

Learning Through Teachers

Montessori educators are not your run-of-the-mill teachers. They are nurturing guides that help push each child to reach their full potential in the most natural way possible. Instead of lecturing and stating orders from the front of the room, Montessori teachers move with the children and are fully focused on each child’s needs. A Montessori teacher understands where each child stands in their development. This ensures that each child’s emotional and educational needs are met and they are encouraged to reach the next level.

Montessori teachers also teach independence though self correction. They do not hover but allow children to discover things for themselves and step in when they are needed. This way, students feel confident in their decisions while simultaneously feeling the support of the teacher backing them up.

Learning Through Peers

In any community, you will not find people of only one age group. This concept is also applied to a Montessori classroom. There is generally a three year age range in any given Montessori class. Older children mentor the younger and the younger learn through example. Older children easily identify gaps in their own knowledge when teaching younger kids. This encourages them to go and seek info they are missing. Younger children look up to their older peers and become determined to reach their level. This brother and sister type environment is an extremely effective and natural way to instill a strong self esteem and build the foundation for independence.

Learning to be sure of oneself and independent is best done in a natural and unforced environment. The Montessori classroom is designed to do just that. Everything is a well thought out system designed to give each child the absolute best chance of reaching their potential without any unnecessary stress or pressure. This makes the Montessori environment much more like a high functioning community rather than a strict traditional classroom.

April 13th, 2017

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