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Child Care is an Expense - A Montessori Education is an Investment in your Child's Future

Montessori Kids Universe

Child Care is an Expense -
A Montessori Education is an
Investment in your Child's Future.

Learning is a Journey

Learning is a Journey

At Montessori Kids Universe Katy, we believe that learning is a journey. Our goal is to develop independent thinkers who embrace community responsibility, leadership, and thrive academically.

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The MKU Difference

The MKU Difference

Many preschools offer academic or even "Montessori" programs. At Montessori Kids Universe Katy, we offer a classic Montessori education enhanced with a Reggio Emilia inspired art and science enrichment experience.

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"This school is amazing! We started our son there at 7 mo old. His day is filled with fun activities and adventures. The facility is very clean, spacious, full of natural light and beautiful furniture. They have tons of developmental activities and toys for children in any room. I really like that they have online access for parents where teachers post pictures of our son every day. I am in love with this place, and I highly recommend this school to everyone who wants their children to be loved, cared for and really invested in. Above and beyond school!"
- Yulia M.

"I'm so happy with teachers and staff Lorena is amazing as well. Very caring caregivers I couldn't be happier with them. So professional I drive about 5miles everyday but so much worth it. Very clean school!"
- Nev R.

This is a wonderful school. I have toured many schools before placing my son in their care. The school is brand new, very clean, very well organized and offers organic lunches and snacks for the little ones. It was important for me to find a school that is an authentic Montessori school and is a member of the American Montessori Society. My 3 year old loves coming here to learn and explore new things. A lot of times he doesn't even want to leave. The staff and the teachers are extremely caring and attentive. The school has a great online portal for parents. I can log in and see all the daily activities that my son was involved in (along with the description of the activity and the developmental benefits of it for my child). The best part about the portal, is the daily upload of photos from my son's class. I feel very confident and comfortable leaving my child in their care."
- Lena M.

"My husband and I did so much research on various schools around the area,...we spent hours and hours relentlessly trying to find the "perfect " place for both our daughters.​ This​ school was the best decision we ever made!​ Looking back, I now only regret not enrolling them sooner!​ ​We have seen both of our daughters grow not only intellectually, but in so many ways they have matured.​ ​The staff genuinely cares about our children and I feel so comfortable entrusting them while I am out at work for long hours."
- Claudia K​.

"My daughter​'​s school was completely flooded during Hurricane Harvey and we were looking for a temporary daycare for her. Miss Lorena kindly took us in at no cost. The teachers there were wonderfully patient and you can tell they genuinely love those kids. My daughter spent ​a ​few days there, in a completely strange environment, but was happy and content. I met a dad when I was waiting to pick up my daughter one afternoon. He said​,​ "they make you feel so comfortable to leave your kids here" and I agreed with him completely. ​It is a nice and loving cent​er."
- Xuan F.